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Tailor Made Tours

What does “tailor-made programme” mean?

A tailor-made programme is an itinerary created just for you, in which we include everything you wish to see and do during your trip. The programme can be as long or as short as you wish. A tailor-made programme can include accommodation, meals, guide service in a given city and even excursions outside of cities. The standard of accommodation and length of the tours are up to you.

When we send you our first proposal, you’re free to add or remove anything you wish in order to make it suit your individual requirements.

How many people do you need in order to organise a customised tour?

A tailor-made tour can be arranged for 1 person, as well as for a large group.

When do the tours take place?

Anytime throughout the year.

What makes your customised tours different?

The main advantage of a customised tour is that its itinerary is flexible and modifiable. What’s more, a private customised tour is based only on your plans and ideas. Not only does it make your trip a unique experience, it also means that the cost of the tour can be adjusted to fit your budget.

Do you offer extensions outside of Portugal?

We handle for ground and private arrangements in most  European countries.

What’s included in your customised tours?

Our customised itineraries can include professional guide service, comfortable transportation (city tours, airport transfers, transfers from city to city, etc.), accommodation (luxury as well as economy) and meals in carefully selected restaurants, as well as train tickets for quick travel between cities and full travel support throughout the trip. Upon request, we also offer travel insurance.

What isn’t included in your customised trips?

Whatever you think is not necessary to include, airfare is not included. Travel insurance is optional, and can be provided upon request.

Does every customised tour include a guide or tour leader?

Usually, a customised itinerary will not include a tour leader, if it’s a tour for a party of less than 10 people. However, upon request we can provide you with a professional tour leader, even for only 2 or 3 people travelling together.

What languages do the guides speak?

We can arrange guide service in most languages, with the most popular being English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

What are the most popular itineraries arranged by you?

The most popular itineraries are 7 – 12 days long, and include Portugal, Spain and France.



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