The first benefit that will be mentioned is a good image. With its sleek appearance, a limousine chauffeured service has always represented class and style. This is very important when you are traveling for business. You and your every move are being judged as soon as you are seen. The clothes you wear are important. Your accessories as well. The ride you came in will not go unnoticed. Therefore, all of these must be perfect. Hire a corporate limousine car sedan and travel in style. Not only that it will bring class and sophistication it will also depict you as a responsible, detail oriented and organized person. It will tell that you don’t leave anything to chance, that all you do is well thought out. Such a person is perfect to do business with. People will know that they can leave things in your hands and it will be done.

All reservations made are for private transports, and only automobiles approved by regional transportation agencies are used. A car will be reserved just for your group’s use as it travels. By doing so, you may skip lines, keep other passengers from having to wait, and proceed directly to your destination without making any stops.

When someone is traveling for business, it very often means that the schedule they have doesn’t have a lot of wiggle room. This means that there is little to no time to waste seeking for a taxi at the airport or waiting in line for public transportation. You can easily be late to a meeting and risk not closing the deal. Corporate limousine service is reliable and time-saving. When you use it, the chauffeur will be waiting for you. He or she will take care of your luggage. The only thing you should do is focus on the events during the stay. You will be on time for the meeting and when you get there you won’t be frustrated from driving.

Corporate limousines are cost effective. It is a common misconception that they are luxury available solely to those who have money to burn. The truth is that modern limo companies offer a wide range of services with different options and price ranges. When you think about it, what would be more expensive? Will it be more expensive to hire multiple taxies or only one limo? You can even make money from it by doing business during the ride. If you choose another means of transportation it can cost you potentially less money that instant, but in the long term it will turn out to be an expensive ordeal. Your reputation may be threatened and needing even more funding to return back to its original state. When you split the cost to the number of people riding in a limo it turns out to be very affordable.

As previously mentioned, corporate limousine provides the perfect first impression. It is cost-effective, time-saving and reliable. You won’t do the driving and as a result, will have more time to focus on your work. Do business or relax during the ride. Your every need will be met by a trustworthy, responsible and reliable chauffeur. You will arrive at all your appointments in style and on time. The services are very flexible and can fit into any of the business scenarios. Whatever the size of the group is and the occasion you can expect immaculate service done by professionals in their field, just like you are in yours.

In the end, a corporate limousine is going to satisfy every need you have. No meter the number of people that needs the ride, the quality of service is always perfect. When you choose it, you have one less thing to think about. You will never again be late. You will feel relaxed and calm. No more waiting in lines and dealing with the traffic in the congested cities. When traveling for business, the schedule can be packed. It can be relaxing to know that someone else is taking care of transportation. Portray an image of a true professional that can handle anything on their way. Hire a corporate limousine with us.

Lisbon Limousine provides services in a variety of locations and places, which we are constantly expanding. If you can’t find your location in the ‘points of interest’ section of our booking engine, provide the full address. Our technology will compute the distance in kilometers and provide you with the best available fare for each trip.

yes, we accept all kinds of credit cards online.

Yes, we include current PayPal or Credit Card costs in the final pricing.

Yes. You won’t be asked for your credit card information until the very last stage of the booking procedure, at which time a secure payment platform (Stripe) server will guide you to complete your transaction. You are completely safe since Lisbon Limousine never has access to or stores your personal information in its systems.

Yes it is possible to pay by phone once we receive all traveller trip details we will issue a invoice and card details can be provided over the phone.

Each passenger is permitted one bag with a maximum total dimension of 140 cm (height plus breadth plus depth).
Please reserve a car with enough space for your group’s needs. You might have to pay to send a second car if the car you reserved doesn’t have enough room.

If you have any particular needs while traveling, you may let us know throughout the booking process. Please specify your needs in the booking comments if your excess luggage is not available with the vehicle you selected or if the option is not available. Within one working day, we will seek out the best option and respond to you.

The majority of our vehicles can accommodate child car seats. During the booking process, you can add car seats to your application. Lisbon Limousine is concerned about the safety of its passengers, especially youngsters. For further information, please see our ‘Travelling with Children’ policy (under general conditions).

Yes. Children’s carrytots or strollers can fit in the automobile. When renting a vehicle, infants and children qualify as passengers and are allowed to bring one piece of baggage (a carryon or a suitcase) and a purse.
Due to this, if your luggage exceeds the limit specified in the general conditions, kindly add the additional items you require at the relevant booking stage or book a larger car.

Indicate in the booking procedure that someone in your party will be traveling with a folding wheelchair. We do not charge any extra fees for using a folding wheelchair. If someone in your party is using an electric wheelchair or scooter, please let us know during the booking process. We will provide you with a suitable car to meet your requirements (subject to availability).

Please note in the application process whether you will be traveling with a pet. We will provide you with a car that meets your requirements. For additional information on our pet-travel policy, please see our ‘General Conditions.’

Yes. All of our private trips deliver your party straight to your hotel or private residence, and on the day of your return trip, we’ll pick you up at the same location.

Yes. It is possible to pause and gather your keys. Only if it is in the same town or resort as where the group is going is this halt possible. You must pick EXTRA STOP during the booking process and provide the entire address where the stop has to be made in order to receive this service.

Yes. You may email [email protected] to request your invoice, and you’ll get the receipt for your reservation.



Bring a printed copy of your booking confirmation that you got through email or a pdf or even the email received. You must show it to the driver at the meeting location. A signed copy of the booking confirmation must be kept by the driver for his records. Don’t forget to pack your passport, credit cards, travel tickets, a fully charged mobile phone, plug adaptors, chargers, and, if necessary, medicines.

From Lisbon Airport to the City

Your booking confirmation has specific information regarding meeting the driver at the airport. In most situations, the driver will meet you in the arrivals terminal after the rest of the party has retrieved their bags and through customs. He or she will be holding a card with the primary passenger’s name, which was supplied throughout the booking procedure. (Please read the particular instructions on your service coupon.)

I’m going to the airport.

If the pickup location is a hotel, the driver will meet the group in the lobby at the hotel’s entrance. If the collecting site is a private house or apartment, the entire group must be present at the time and location provided in the booking confirmation. In other circumstances, please give us with the exact address, including specific information (plaza, street, door number, postcode, etc.), of where the party wants to be picked up during the booking process.

The driver will keep track of the arrival time of your aircraft or train and will wait up to 60 minutes after the plane or train has landed/arrived. If a member of your group misplaces a luggage, is hurt, or is detained at customs, please have someone from the group meet with the driver to advise him of the occurrence.

All of our drivers keep track of train and airplane arrival schedules to guarantee that, in the case of a slight delay, they can pick you up on time. Please phone our 24-hour hotline, which you can find on your ticket confirmation, to inform us of any changes if your flight number changes, is rescheduled, or there is a significant delay (more than 2 hours). Please call +351964120673

Before the pickup date, we will reconfirm all journeys with our drivers. If the driver is late, please call our 24-hour hotline, which is listed on your booking confirmation, and our customer care staff will assist you promptly. Please keep in mind that you might consider the driver late if he is not available for your collection up to 10 minutes beyond the time specified on your booking confirmation. Please call +351964120673

Yes. You can make modifications up to one day before your scheduled departure time. To do so, please contact our customer service staff at [email protected] or call +351964120673
All adjustments are subject to the local operator’s approval, and if the change raises the service fee (vehicle change, destination, extras, etc.), it must be paid before your departure. For additional information, please see our Terms & Conditions.

According to our terms and conditions, any travel may be canceled or postponed without penalty up to 24 hours prior to the day of the first journey.

Booking confirmations are handled as promptly as possible and sent out as soon as payment confirmation is received. Allow our customer care staff four hours to process your booking and send you an email confirmation. If you haven’t gotten your booking confirmation email after this period, be sure it hasn’t been routed to your spam/junk bin. If this is the case, please add our email address ([email protected]) to your contacts list to prevent this from happening again. If you haven’t received it, please email us with another email address where we may send your booking confirmation or call +351964120673.

No, everything is taken care of by us. We verify every transfer with our drivers a few days before to each trip. All you have to do is remember to carry a printed copy , email or pdf of your reservation confirmation and have fun traveling with us!



We will send you a brief questionnaire shortly after your travel to allow you to rate the service you got. You can offer us your future ideas or suggestions in this manner. You may also email us at any time at [email protected]

Share your experience with your friends or on social media. We make every effort to offer you with the best experience possible.