Lisbon Limousine registered Brand under the legal AUTA, LDA company Based in lisbon Portugal.


Standard of Vehicle presentation

  • Mercedes executive class, late model vehicle, dark or silver/grey in colour, featuring air conditioning and telephone as standard
  • Vehicles will be maintained to the highest standards of mechanical performance, vehicle cleanliness and presentation
  • Bottled water, which will be offered to all guests, will be provided in each vehicle
  • Covid-19 Safety kit (With 1 mask, 1 – 5ml Hand sanitizer gel and 1 refreshing towel.
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard

Standard of chauffeur presentation

  • Chauffeurs will be presentable in areas of personal appearance, mannerism and personality, and demonstrate a customer-focused approach to their role
  • Chauffeurs will be clean-shaven
  • Male chauffeurs will not wear earrings or facial piercings
  • Female chauffeurs may wear one earring in each ear only
  • Chauffeurs will be in full uniform at all times. Uniforms will consist of dark shoes, dark suit, shirt and company tie
  • Chauffeurs are to inquire about temperature and music to ensure they meet the passenger’s needs
  • Chauffeurs are to provide guests with an estimated time of arrival to their destination
  • Chauffeurs are encouraged to point out familiar points of interest but should not initiate a conversation with a passenger
  • Passengers will be greeted in the appropriate manner and assistance will be offered at all times with any baggage

Alcohol or affective medication

  • It is the responsibility of Lisbon Limousine to ensure chauffeurs are not permitted to drive intoxicated or under the influence of medication in their systems whilst on duty

All staff must comply with all Portugal motor vehicle/driving laws and regulations.

  • Lisbon Limousine will ensure that all our chauffeurs hold a valid driver’s license to drive, and are not disqualified for holding or detaining such a license and are driving on the policy holder’s order or with his permission


  • All bookings will contain the agreed information required for billing and charging. Those specifics being a date, time, destinations, to/from, name and waiting time

Booking confirmation

  • Confirmation of each booking will be provided in writing in advance by email
  • Lisbon Limousine will provide booking references and contact numbers and where possible chauffeur information will be provided in advance

Chauffeur On Demand and Hourly Bookings

  • All services for On demand and hourly at disposal chauffeur start initiate charged from 9am to 5pm even if you need only to start at any other hour between the normal 9-5 time when you reserve a car the car is only for you or your clients for the requested days, therefore all requests before 9am will be charged has extra hour and after 5pm will be charged extra hour, on daily base rates every car for 8 hours on demand always have 150km included, for 4 hours hired it’s 75km included. Tolls and parkings are not included on the base rates costs drivers meals or Hotels if outside of Lisbon City área,

Payment terms 

Once payment is made you agree with our payment terms and service terms.

Payment is always made with dedit card or credit for the base rates given in the beginning of the asked quote, a payment link will be issued through our payment platform “Stripe” and or PayPal, all extras are issued in the last day of the service so the client/passenger/agency to pay

Flight monitoring

  • Lisbon Limousine will monitor all flight information in order to be proactive in reducing any unnecessary costs

Waiting time management

  • Lisbon Limousine will monitor arriving flights to minimize any waiting charges (60 minutes waiting its included on the cost)

Name boards

  • Lisbon Limousine will greet guests at the airport with a noticeable Lisbon Limousine Name Board, with the passengers names clearly written in neat handwriting

Meeting Point

  • For all airport collections, Lisbon Limousine driver will meet passengers directly outside customs in the arrivals hall
  • Meet/Greet passengers: establish eye contact, and wear a warm, sincere and personable smile use the passenger’s name at least twice
  • All chauffeurs offer to the passenger’s luggage assistance


  • Politely continue conversing with the passenger and inform him/her that you will proceed to pay the car-parking fee
  • Escort passenger to the vehicle via the safest and fastest route
  • Load the passenger’s luggage in the car making sure that all the bags are accounted for
  • Make the passenger comfortable; offer water, wi-fi password
  • Enquire if the passenger would like to listen to the radio
  • Suggest to the passenger to wear a seatbelt
  • Due to Covid-19 virus it is mandatory for both passengers and driver to use mask always during the trip

Whilst driving adheres to the following points:

  • Check/agree with the passenger for the most suitable in-car temperature
  • Inform the passenger of the expected journey time, considering the traffic and weather conditions
  • Engage in conversation only if addressed by the passenger, respect their privacy. Keep the conversation in general terms, avoid discussing personal circumstances
  • Always respect the road’s speed limit/s
  • Never change rapidly and repetitively lanes
  • Avoid getting involved in any form of road rage confrontation; stay calm and think of your safety and the one of your passenger

Arrival Call

  • Lisbon Limousine chauffeur will call the concierge/ or assistant or client when arrives at pick up location 10/ 15 minutes before PU Time. When Transfer out or Point to point


  • Safely bring the vehicle to a standstill, open the boot if the luggage was entered and exit the car
  • Make sure that the passenger is safely exiting the car, assist if required
  • Politely and warmly wish the passenger a pleasant day
  • Double-check that nothing has been left behind inside the vehicle
  • Safely drive away


  • Confidentiality training is a key component of the induction training when joining Lisbon Limousine as a chauffeur
  • All chauffeurs are reminded of the importance of confidentiality of any information that is discussed in the vehicle when a new account starts
  • All Lisbon Limousine chauffeurs sign a confidentiality agreement on commencement of employment with Lisbon Limousine

Management Information

Reports delivered by dispatch online system .

Report to include:

  • Total Number of Trips
  • Vehicles used
  • Revenue spent
  • Service advisories / resolved

Account Management

  • Dedicated account manager. Account manager to hold review meeting once a month to deliver a report, and be available for any ad-hoc meetings
  • Implement any changes to the service delivery seamlessly with no disruption to the customer